Greyhound Fostering

Fostering a Greyhound from GALT-Central Texas

MORE retiring and rescued greyhounds are on their way to us and are in need of a soft place to land. If you have considered fostering, NOW is the time to make a difference in a greyhound’s life.

GALT-Central Texas ALWAYS needs caring foster homes (with or without cats!). GALT-Central Texas provides the basic supplies; you provide lessons on home life, bed, safety, warmth, affection, and training for becoming someone’s forever companion. Tomlinson’s has generously donated food for our foster families, so now there is absolutely no monetary cost to fostering.

Greyhounds are very intelligent and learn very quickly, particularly when given daily affection. During the time they are in foster care, the greyhounds are taken to the veterinarian, get their annual shots, are spayed or neutered, have their teeth cleaned, are tested for heartworms and put on heartworm preventative. During their visit, they are also evaluated for any injuries or health problems. Once this is done, GALT-Central Texas begins the process of finding a home for the greyhound, and the foster family plays a big role in ensuring the right placement of the greyhound.

Foster families are our most important volunteers. Without them, GALT-Central Texas cannot fulfill its mission. The main limitation on the number of dogs GALT-Central Texas can bring into its adoption program is the number of volunteer foster families. If you would like to volunteer to foster a newly retired racing greyhound, please review the Foster FAQs below.

GALT Veterinarian Protocol for Adoption & Foster Applicants

This document defines GALT’s requirements for veterinarian care for an applicant’s pet(s), both foster and adoption. In addition to the items listed below, we will also inquire as to the historical care of the pets. In the event that the practice is no longer open, dated records on practice letterhead will be accepted in lieu of the vet check.

All cats and dogs must be current on core vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP) and wellness exam. Cats that are kept solely indoors must be current on Rabies vaccinations as it is required by law. If the pet is exempt from core vaccinations, a letter must be submitted signed by a veterinarian explaining why the animal is not current. Annual heartworm test is required with proof of current monthly heartworm preventative.

If the pet or pets is/are not current, they must not be greater than 6 months overdue. If greater than six months overdue, GALT has the right to terminate its consideration for adoption or foster. If less than 6 months overdue, the applicant has 7 days to update his/her pets’ vaccinations and physical exams.

GALT recommends, in consultation with your veterinarian, current Bordatella, Lepto and Canine Flu vaccinations as well as monthly flea and tick preventatives due to the high exposure to diseases.

If pets are recently deceased (within the past quarter), we will conduct the vet check to ensure that they were kept current before they passed away and were well cared for in life.

Testimonials from Foster Families:

"What a rewarding experience! There's just something amazing about giving a greyhound their first off-track experience, and showing them what family and home are all about. Their soulful eyes and the appreciation they show is beyond gratitude. After a couple of days, they adapt to life as a pet so quickly -- like they were born to live with you. If you're reading this, take the first step and become a foster and see for yourself."
—Amy, Greg, and Ella
"I have had so much fun fostering greyhounds. I love to see them take their first steps in a house. I would imagine the thrill I have in seeing them play with a toy for the first time in their lives, conquer going up and down stairs, or finally being able to enter a room without being spooked by the ceiling fan, is probably a little like seeing your child take their first steps. They just seem to find such joy in the little things. I never get tired of watching that transition."
"It was such a joy to watch my timid little foster become a confident, happy girl. Helping this beautiful animal adjust to life off the track has been an incredibly gratifying experience."


Foster FAQs

More questions? Email the Foster Coordinator at [email protected]