Bones is a stunning young boy who brings loving energy and a big smile with him no matter where he goes!

Bones is a big fan of car rides, parks, restaurants, trips to Home Depot and even staying in hotels. He is quite the social guy and loves to explore.

Bones loves people and being a part of a pack. Whether his pack is human or canine, he is happiest when in the middle of the action. Bones is kind to children of all ages and other dogs and really enjoys going on adventures. Being young, he can get jealous or protective when someone gets more attention than him, or gets a hold of his favorite bone/chew toy. He wants to be the star of the show!

In his time as a foster, he’s become house-broken and worked through some separation anxiety. He sleeps in his crate, but only prefers it at bedtime. He is happy to sit with you while working from home, and makes a great office assistant! As much as he loves people, he does appreciate his time alone and prefers to snuggle on his own terms.

We are working on resource guarding as well and his intermittent jealousy (He wants all the pets you can give and can be grumpy when he doesn’t get his way.) As for other skills, he has mastered stairs, the sit command, walking on a leash/harness, and is working on paw, stay and recall.

Bones is a ton of fun and can’t wait to be part of your pack!