Clara came to us as an owner surrender at Austin Animal Center. We know that she is at least 10 years old, but our Vet suspects she is a little older than that.

She is smaller than your average greyhound but so full of personality! Her favorite thing is going for a walk. She will do a little hop when she sees you put your shoes on. Sometimes even a little excited yip to go along with that hop.

Otherwise she enjoys just sitting on her pillow and watching the goings on around the house. Do not count her out as too old for zoomies either! She may not be as fast as her foster sister, but man or man can she shake a leg around the back yard!

Clara has been the easiest foster that we have had thus far. She is house broken, she has had zero accidents in the house. She does not need a crate as she is totally trustworthy in the house. We do have a crate in the bedroom but we just leave the door open and she wanders in there at night to be with her people.

The biggest thing about Clara is that she is about the sweetest thing you will ever meet!

Clara does come with some health issues. You can find out more about that by sending email inquiry to [email protected]