Miss Taffy is a happy and outgoing lady: she is curious and will cheerfully sniffle every corner and new thing. She even hopped in the shower on her first day at her foster house to be sure to sniff absolutely everything.

Taffy will walk on a loose leash close by your side, but if she sees an interesting sight (like a cat or a squirrel) she gets very excited so we are working on leash training. Taffy gets along with her two (50lb-dog-) foster-brothers, but she will sometimes bark at them when she has too much energy, and she can be pushy to be the only one getting pets during cuddle time.

Taffy retired with an injured foot in a high-motion area. Although it is much better, it has become chronic and will require attention. She may always have a limp. Taffy is happiest with a short walk in the morning and another in the evening, 10 -15 minutes per walk is perfect. After her walks she enjoys lounging around the house.

Taffy is much better about counter surfing these days, though probably should not be trusted alone with people-food yet.

Taffy loves mornings, short walks, a little bit of sunshine, being petted, playing with her toys, and treats. Taffy is house trained and crate trained. She sleeps peacefully in her crate by the bed at night and when her foster family is out. Taffy does not get on the furniture, but I bet she would if you invited her!